Rewire Your Mindset And Begin Getting TRUE Results With The Ease Of Hypnotherapy


Welcome to …. Universe Unity Part 1

Hypnotherapy for Developing Harmony And Oneness With The Universe Series

Universe Unity – your hypnotherapy series for success, enlightenment and harmony with the universe. 

There is no danger in hypnotherapy but it is able to help you build many aspects of your life. Hypnotherapy can also help you become more mentally aware and has been shown to have healing aspects.

We ask you to do nothing else while listening to our series as you should be relaxed and focused..
Listen to this series often to get the repeat benefits of the message and to bring about the positive results..
Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to take the time to relax and go through the series to create your own success…


Rewire Your Mindset And Begin Getting TRUE Results With The Ease Of Hypnotherapy



Part 1:


Part 1 of Universe Unity – Hypnotherapy for Developing Harmony And Oneness With The Universe Series

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Get ready to just make yourself comfortable and shut your eyes now…

let your hands lie loosely in your lap… or at your side if that’s easier…

just be comfortable and relax your entire body as much as you are able to…

now I want you to take a deep breath and hold it for a minute before exhaling slowly…

just letting your whole body relax as you do …

and I want you to keep your eyes shut now and just keep listening restfully to the sound of my voice…

and as you’re listening to the sound of my voice, I want you to center for a moment on your breathing…

breathing slowly and steady and evenly…

and as you exhale each time, just letting your whole body relax more and more…

so that you gradually find yourself feeling like your whole body was settling further and further into the chair with each breath you breathe…

and just the thought of breathing and unwinding makes you feel as though you’re sinking down…

5 Sinking deeper….

4… and each breath makes you feel more at ease….

3 …. and with every breath you feel yourself going deeper and deeper… more relaxed….

2…. down once more……… breathing softly… Releasing…. and

1…. Completely relaxed…..

Breathe in and hold to the count of four and then let go with an open mouth.

Now duplicate the breathing four times. A deep breath and as you do you feel yourself relaxing totally.

You let go of all pressing thoughts and concerns. You’re breathing in peace and breathing out all negative energy.

Now with your mind and emotional nature, start to sense and to feel the presence that’s all around you and inside you.

Contemplate the universe that occupies the same space that you do.

Let this joyous spirit fill your consciousness with itself. Feel the dynamic power as your mental and emotional natures start to pulsate to that spiritual vibration…

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