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Hi, my name is Sandra

When I was about 14 I learn a little about manifesting. I didn’t know at the time that it was called manifesting or even what had happened. I used to take a detour while walking home from school everyday. I walk along the train tracks to the edge of town and at the time it felt like I was leaving town and going out into the country. There was a little lake that we called the reservoir and a campsite.  I had to walk up a grassy hill and down the other side. Well each day I would play a little game of make believe. As I was walking up that hill I would imagine that on the other side there was a horse waiting for me. Everyday I did that. Then one day, a horse was there, tied to the fence at the bottom of the hill.  I was thrilled and amazed. I spent hours petting and talking to that horse.  I found out that the horse was there because my town was building a new housing division close by and someone had moved there from the countryside and they had not found a place to keep their horse yet.

And that was my first introduction to manifesting, I found out later that the horse was put in that place, at the bottom of the hill, because that is what I had imaged, I didn’t know at the time that if I had put other things into my daydreaming scenario, such as the horse being mine, instead of just a horse being at the bottom of the hill, the universe would have changed the details to match whatever I had imagined.

When I found the niche of self improvement, self development, mind power, manifesting I was fascinated, it all made so much sense, I could improve myself and become a person that I would be proud to be, decide what I wanted and get it.  The first books I read on these topics were “Mind Power Into the 21st Century”, by John Keyhoe, then “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”, by Joseph Murphy, “The Master Key”, by Charles F. Haanel, “, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill’, “The Science of Getting Rich”, by Wallace D. Wattles and on and on…

I remember being so happy when “The Secret” came out. I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was interested in, they had no clue what I was talking about… They had no reference point… It was like … I would try to describe my interest but it would be like I was describing a red ball and they would picture a basketball while I was trying to talking about Mars. When the Secret came out, I could use it as a frame of reference so we would be on the same planet at least.

My first experience with goal setting was thinking what do I want to be? And answering, well I don’t want to be a housewife, and I don’t want to be a secretary and I don’t want to be a queen. I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I knew I didn’t want to be those.  So now that I’ve been a secretary and a housewife I finally found out that I need to state and ask for what I do want instead of what I don’t want.  I want to succeed in business, a business that helps other people succeed and teaches them how to succeed.  Teaches them about manifesting, about success, teach and show them the tools to succeed.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding your Journey towards Success, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with the crazy “ideas” and “information” that I come across that I know you will find interesting.

Anyways, I wish you all the best and thank you for dropping by! :)



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Ho’oponopono Practitioner

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