Find a Mentor

Everyone look up to someone, it may be an old teacher, your parent or elder sister or brother or your very own best friend. The person you admire may serve as your mentor. Because you adore him/her, most likely you listen to his/her suggestions and teachings. A good mentor provides new knowledge, and directs you to the right path. If you wish to change your life tomorrow, look for a good mentor who will bring you to the kind of life you wish to have. To whether your mentor is good for keeping, here are the ideal characteristics of a mentor.


Acts as a Role Model

You have to practice what you teach. To be an effective mentor, you need to do what you say. The best way to direct a person in the right path is by modeling a good example. As the cliché goes, actions speak louder than words. If your mentor is worthy of emulation, look at his/her life. Otherwise, you must find other mentors to relate your life with.

Willingness to Share

A good mentor is someone who is willing to share the secrets of good life. If your mentor is open to share his/her expertise and teaches you the skills to succeed in life, you can trust the person with your life.

Mentor word cloud written on a chalkboard

Motivates Others

A good mentor can bring out the intrinsic motivation in a person. For your mentor to be a good leader, he/she must bring out the best in you. Some students or followers go back to their old ways when the mentor disappears. If you are one of these people, your mentor is not effective. An effective mentor naturally brings out the inner motivation in his followers. Even in his absence, the followers stay within his teachings without the need for constant supervision.

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