Focus On One Project At A Time

Our brains are like computers. When you put several tasks all at the same time, the computer hangs and breaks down. Like computers, our brain can only fully accommodate one project at a time. Although some people believe in multi-tasking, the quality of product produced from multi-tasking is not as efficient as the project produced with full focus. This is because your brain can only focus on a single thought at a time. When you follow the concept of one project at a time, your output is superior and is more likely to be completed.

Staying focus on one project and closing your thoughts from other tasks is quite difficult. The presence of constant distractions in the environment and in your mind can easily divert your attention to other things. No matter how difficult the skill is, you need to master it to create changes in your life that will be beneficial for your future. To help you learn the skill, here are the tips that you must follow.


Break things into bite sized chunks

Do not overwhelm yourself with huge task. If you can break it into smaller tasks, much better. Split difficult task in several smaller and attainable projects. Instead of getting an overpowering project, try to divide it into divisions.


Remove possible distractions

You work best in a quiet environment; find a quiet room where you can focus on your project. Avoid distractions like noise, interruptions and other forms of disturbances.


Keep your goals clear

One of the best ways to stay focused in a project is by making your goals clear. When you have clear goals, all will direct all your effort to attain the goal you set. It is easier to keep you motivated when you have realistic and attainable goals.

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