Rich People are Leaders

Rich People are Leaders while Poor People are Followers

Most financially successful people lead the way. Being a leader, you are in front of the actions. Because of the courage needed to be a leader, only those with strong personality become the manager.

Leaders versus Followers

Poor People

Poor people have herd mentality. They like to follow where the water flows. Instead of taking the lead, they are happy to let others do the thinking. They do not want to take responsibility over their decisions. When somebody asks for their opinion, they pass it to others so as not to take the blame for failures later on.

Rich People

Rich people take the initiative. They decide for themselves and take full responsibility for their decisions. They can work independently.


Rich people are leaders and leaders are rich people. This idea comes because of the independent attitude of leaders and rich people. Even if an ordinary office setting, the leaders are often responsible for the whole group. They may have bigger responsibilities but they get higher pays too.

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