Rich people commit to their dreams

Rich people commit to their dreams while poor people sleep dreaming their dreams

It is a fact that dreams is the initial step to success. But it does not end there. In order for dreams to come true, you have to work for them.

Commitment versus Dreaming

Poor People

Poor people love to dream even when the sun is all up. They stay in dreamy mood even when it is time to work. They keep on dreaming that things will just happen in a snap. They keep on thinking how good it is to live in opulence but never do anything to experience it.

Rich People

Rich people work hard on their dreams. They commit each day of their lives to reach their goals. They pile up their efforts to assemble their dream life.


Dreaming big does not make you rich. You need to work hard when you set your goals. Small steps every day are better than just waiting for time to pass without action. At the end of the day, the small deeds can accumulate and lead you to the stairs of success.

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