Rich people focus on opportunities

Rich people focus on opportunities while poor people focus on problems

Opportunities come in both direct and indirect ways. Problems mask the chances that come. When you look at things superficially, you only see the façade and fail to appreciate the blessing under.

Opportunities versus Obstacles

Poor People

The difference between rich people and poor people is the attitude towards a problem. When faced with a problem, a poor man sees it as an obstacle to his easy life. He detests difficulties and sees it as a hindrance to his laid-back life. The more problems he faces, the more he views his life as complicated.

Rich People

Rich people see problem as a door for new opportunities. They focus on solution rather than dawdle in despair. With every obstacle, they treat things positively and look beyond what is obvious. Rich people concentrate in finding solutions to their crisis. They elucidate things to see things at a better perspective.

Action versus Complain

Poor People

Poor people keep on complaining about the obstacles. They squander time whining about the circumstances in their life. At the end of the day, their grumble intensifies since they have not done anything to solve the issue.

Rich People

Rich people act on their problems. They may moan a little, but they work to unravel the misery. The more problems they solve, the better their feeling.


Problems and failures are part of your molding process to become tough and be a better person. With problems, you learn from your mistakes and do better when the next one comes. When you face an opportunity, you come up with creative solutions. Avoid the poor man‟s action of sitting down and staying cranky about it.

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