Rich people have big dreams

Rich people have big dreams while poor people dream small.

Dreaming is the motivation to success. When a person dreams, he exerts effort to attain his dreams. Both rich and poor people dream. The difference is the size of their dream. When you have small dreams, you work less whereas big dreamers work harder to achieve their vision.

Big versus Small

Poor People

Poor people have little dreams. They often dream to eat three times a day, have a small house to live in and get a job with good pay. These are all the dreams of a poor man. Because any casual employee can easily achieve these, many poor people feel they do not need to exert any more effort. Anyway, why work harder? They have achieved their dream after all.

Rich People

For rich people, to achieve big things, you have to dream big. Wealthy men stick to this principle. They do not dream to eat three times a day, they dream to eat more than that in luxury. They do not dream of a small house, they dream of a comfortable house for their family plus a rest house during their vacations. They do not dream for job with good pay. Instead, they create jobs.

Aspirant versus Contentment

Poor People

Poor people get contented with what they have. They do not aspire for more. They believe that to desire for more things means to complicate your life. When poor people achieve their small dreams, they start to live a shoddy life.

Rich People

Rich people aspire for more. They believe that their abilities can bring them to places. Because they have big dreams, they work hard to turn aspirations to reality.


You cannot achieve bigger things if you only have small dreams. When you dream, dream big, anyway, there is nothing to lose in dreaming.

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