Rich people network with the rich and successful people

Rich people network with the rich and successful people while the poor people network with poor people.

The people around you have an indirect effect on our ways of thinking. Try to associate with pessimist people and you will be a pessimist eventually. However, when you go to a company of jovial individuals, you absorb their cheerfulness.

Receptivity versus hostility

Poor people

Poor people are hostile to rich people. They think that their lifestyle is not tolerable. Instead, they associate with people with the same income as theirs. They spend time wondering how rich people become richer and envy the luck they have.

Rich People

Rich people are receptive to new ideas and new people. They spend time with people who can help them achieve their dreams. They join people earning six digits or more. They analyze how these wealthy people become richer and imbibe their ways and thinking.


Poor people think that your wealth depends on your family origin. You are rich if only you belong to a family of rich. Rich people think otherwise. They go with people who can help them. They talk to financially successful people taking notes of their secrets to prosperity. With the right associations, you can become rich even when you come from poor family.

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