Rich people play to win

Rich people play to win while poor people play only not to lose money

The big mindset difference is the purpose of playing the game. Life is a gamble. Every decision is a risk. There are no certain in this world.

Risk-taker versus Playing Safe

Poor People

Poor people play the game of life only just to prevent losing. They are too careful to invest and make sure that things turn out the way they want. When in doubt, they never make decision. They always stay on the safe side. They stay attached to the stigma of failure and too afraid of making mistakes.

Rich People

For rich people, life is about taking risk. Because they exactly know what they want, they invest in order to win. For them losing is never an option, they study and analyze how things work and invest once they get to know the flow of things.


Only those who are willing to take risk achieve financial stability and abundance. The bigger the risk that you take, the bigger is your reward. However, even rich people do not jump to risks without preparation. When you are to take a risk, be sure that your preparation is enough to ensure winning. Be armed when you gamble with life.

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