Start or Join a Team

Start or Join a Team of Like-Minded Individuals

A group‟s effort is stronger than an individual‟s effort. When you want to transform your life today, join groups or teams with the same interest as yours. Unlike when you are working alone to change some aspects of your life, a group effort is stronger and harder to disrupt. When you belong to a team, your

conviction to better life is tougher and thus harder to break. When you reach a saturation point, your team can assist and support you along the journey. Contrary to working alone, the team with like-minded individuals can back you up when you lose your perseverance. Below are the advantages of working as a team.


Provides a Sense of Security

Working as a team gives you a feeling of security. When you have a group who shares the same interest as yours, you are sure of their support with any problem that may come. You know that there are people who stay with you and will guide you as you go along.

Increased Learning

As you work with people, you increase your knowledge with their experiences. Because you share common interest, you can draw wisdom from them. You do not have to experience personally things just to learn. By listening to their sentiments, you can learn a lot from the events in their lives.


Compensate to an individual’s weakness

Each person has his own weakness. When you work alone to change your future, even the small weakness can be deleterious to your goal. However, if you have a team, other members can compensate for your own weakness. They can assist you to deal with a weakness and teach you how to overcome it. You can draw strength from the team especially in your lowest situation.


Develop a Personal Relationship

Joining a team also provides you with relationships that are more personal. As you spend more time with your team, you can find friendship with them and influence each other. Again, in this case, we go back to the five people you spend most of your time with. Make sure that the team you will join will have a positive impact in your future life.

Increased Understanding of other people’s perspective

Because you are working with other people, you will have a better understanding on the way people think and act. You can use your learning to assess your own character and later on improve your self.

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