Time Management- How To Get More Time In A Day

Time Management: How To Get More Time In A Day To Build Your Financial Freedom

Sometimes you can hear people say that 24 hours in a day is not enough to finish all their work and meet all the deadlines. If you are one of these people, you will hear answers like “if you cannot find time, make time.” With the busy society that you are in, it feels that you need to compress everything in 24 hours. The secret to meeting your set goals is simply by ceasing to complain and sit down and start doing the work. Most people who keep on saying time is not enough are the people who love to complain. Instead of using the time working, they spend two or three hours complaining and discerning how to start the work. If others can compress all their obligations in the time given to them, why cannot you do it?


Time Management

The key to keeping up with your deadlines is through efficient time management. With the right allocation of your time and task, you can meet your target and still find time to relax. Although time management is a skill, you can learn it as you practice it. Here are some of the proven beneficial time management tips.

Prioritize things

You can start your day by listing the things you need to accomplish prioritizing those that are urgent. When you have a to-do-list, you can keep your mind focused on your list and prevent straying away from this. You can create the list by writing down those that need your immediate attention. Once you finish the most urgent one, you can start doing the next in line and so on. By prioritizing things, you prevent sacrificing a task over another.


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Know your most productive hours

Different people have different levels of productivity during the day. Although most people are more productive in the morning, there are also people who find the restful afternoons to work at their best. If you are a morning person, try to delegate complicated task in the morning. When you know your most productive hours, you can allot this time to accomplish difficult work and set aside the easier ones during your idle moments.

Start and finish your task

The problem with people who complains of insufficient time is leaving a task unfinished and starting a new work. If you want to adapt a good time management skill, finish all tasks that you have started. Otherwise, your day will be over with several tasks open and hanging. In the end, you do not accomplish even a small work and you will totally screw up everything.

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Analyze your situation

If you feel running after the clock each day, it is time to sit down and analyze the whole situation. There might be problems on the way you handle your time. Find out activities where you spend too much of your time. Once you discover these, then you can be more watchful when doing them. If you waste three to five hours surfing social network sites, you can reduce this to one hour to make the remaining hours more productive.

Create a goal

A goal is your motivation to time management. When you set your goals, be realistic. Remember that you only have 24 hours in a day. Never set goals that are not feasible. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated everyday.

Delegate and outsource

There is nothing wrong in volunteering your services to people. However, be realistic. You cannot be a hero everyday. Learn to delegate other task to trusted people and let them take responsibility for it. Much as you would want to do everything, multi-tasking is often difficult. If you are not good at it, you will end up sacrificing some things over another.


Use your waiting time productively

Waiting is one of the most time wasting activities. You wait for your turn in the cashier‟s line, wait for the food service and wait for a long line in the department stores. You can spend these hours of waiting productively. Instead of watching the next leaf to fall or the next person who will enter the door, you can bring a good book to read or check papers or bring any handy task with you. As you learn to do this, the number of tasks you finish during your waiting times can save you from many obligations.

Time management is learning to use your time wisely and to your own advantage. It is a skill that no one teaches you but you need to learn to survive the challenges in life. For as long as you are keeping your things well organized, you are in control of your time and your life.

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