What’s Stopping You From Using The Law Of Attraction Effectively?




Personal Note:

I took the quiz, and watched the video presentation.

I remember a feeling of hopefulness, when I watched the video, a familiar feeling I have had before, when the product I was reviewing was promising me hopefulness that it could remove what was blocking me from finally getting the life I wanted. I had bought programs that promised that before, and I remembered the feeling of disappointment when they failed.

However I also remember the lottery ticket I failed to buy when a vision of me looking at the numbers feeling disappointment that they did not match once again stopped me from buying the ticket. ‘Numbers already picked’, was the response the lottery machine gave for the next draw. It won’t let you buy the same numbers that won the previous draw.

Something was blocking me from the success I wanted. Every time I had it within my reach it evaporated or something stopped me. And that thing that stops me is inside me. I need to know how to get rid of it, get it to stop blocking me, let go of what ever it is.

So with all that in mind I didn’t let the chance of being disappointment stop me from buying this current product and the hope it offered.

The day I bought the program, I watched the whole video book “Origins” and I still feel hopeful. I know there is a lot of work ahead of me. I need to re-read the book again in PDF format. So I can stop and do the exercises. I just wanted to review the book first. So far I am impressed and still hopeful.



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