Who do you spend the most time with

You Are the Sum of the 5 People You Spend Most Of Your Time With

If you want to know your future, look at the lives of the people you are presently with. The people around you have direct influence on your life. You acquire some of their attitudes, principles and practices. You are like a small child that imbibes the practices of the adults around. When you go with dishonest people, eventually you alter your own values and acquire their dishonesty. However, if you go for honest people, their honesty reinforces your own personal values. The kinds of people you share your life with are very powerful personalities that affect your present actions and later own your future life. Because of their great impact in your life, it is very crucial that you know them very well. Once you know their influence on you, you will know how to take it to your own advantage.

The idea of being the sum of the people around you is often one of the most neglected parts of human psychology. Although this is not a novel thinking, people keep on ignoring the bearing of others in their lives. As a result, they just end up being like their detested character. This is all because they spent too much time with the person. The person you are with can elevate you as much as they can pull you down. The first step to change your future today is by knowing the five people from your core circle. In order for you to see their impact in your life, here are the steps that you can do.


Identify the Five people you spend most of your time with

Because you are the sum of the people around you, you need to be careful with the people you spend most of your time with. Although some of them are indispensable in your life, like your parents or siblings, try to spend as little time as possible to inevitable people with negative impact for your future life. Other people that you may frequently spend your time with are your friends, office mates or schoolmates and your special someone. Each person may have a different answer to the five people they spend most of their time with. But it will mostly revolve around these groups.


Identify the Qualities of these Five People

Once you have identified the five people in your life, try to assess each one‟s personality. Look at them at every aspect of their life. Look at their family relationship, their dedication to work or school, their attitude towards problems and their outlook in life. Getting to know these people will help you know yourself better.


Identify the attitudes you share with these five people in your life

After knowing your core circle and their special attributes, try to assess your own life. What positive and negative characteristics do you possess? To whom can you relate your characteristics? When you are able to identify the major influence in that character trait, then you can do something about it. If you want to enhance a positive attribute coming from one of your core groups, then try to get closer to the person. The more time you spend with him/her, the better you can imitate that attitude. However, if you see mostly negative attributes to your core group, better reconsider your relationship with the person.

Every one needs a tribe. However, your tribe must exert a good influence in your life to benefit from it. If you are in the bad company, your future is at risk. Your choices today including your choice of company have a direct effect on your life. If you want to know your future, look at the lives of the people you spend most of your life with.


A person I once met said that he did not have actual people that influenced his life in a positive way, but he did have 5 positive friends, friends that motivated him, supported him, and inspired him to success.  Those 5 friends were his books. Books that inspired him to succeed at the life he chose to live.

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